Delivery Info

This is how delivery will work! 

Once you've placed your order online, it will bounce into the laps of our lovely chocolatiers and sales ladies, who will get your order packed and personally delivered to you.  If you have ordered a custom item, then one of our chocolatiers will call you directly to make sure the design is exactly what you had in mind before starting on it. 

Because our chocolates are our babies and we are overly protective of them, wherever posssible we don't hand them over to a delivery service but rather deliver them ourselves.   So you can expect to be contacted within the next work day to arrange for delivery to your chosen magical school, home or work address - whichever works for you!

if you are outside of Gauteng then we may need to send it with an overnight courier, but we will pack it carefully to make sure the goodies inside are protected.  If you are ordering hundreds of boxes from the other side of the country, there is a very real possibility that Vicki will use that as an excuse for a road trip and personally drive it to your door.  

At any time, please feel free to contact us directly to ask where your goodies are or to say that you have given it all up and moved to Tahiti, and could we please rather courier there.  You can call us on 073 697 9344 or by WhatsApp on 0638491173.  You can also drop us an email to