About Us

Your Chocoloza pralines are made by a team of talented women with pure Belgian chocolate, the best South African ingredients and a serious dose of passion and craftsmanship. Seriously Belgian. Naturally African.

What makes the chocolates Belgian is more than just the chocolate, it’s also how it’s done. We continue the tradition of Belgian chocolates, and combine it with the best that South Africa has to offer. We have the best fruits and nuts in the world in our beautiful country, what better way to combine them than in chocolate?

We believe that flavour should come first, which for us means we use no artificial flavours, no preservatives and no palm oil.  We also use very little sugar, because one of the things that sugar does (other than acting as one of the cheapest preservatives in the food industry) is it masks flavour.  So it doesn't make sense for us to source the freshest and best granadillas in Joburg, only to smother that flavour with sugar.  

We are also passionate about sustainability, and do our best to ensure that the only thing that we import is the chocolate.  Everything else we try to source locally, supporting other small businesses in our own communities and economy.  Our packaging is also plastic-free.